In honor of Food Day, October 24.


Img via Huffington Post

There’s only one day a year that’s dedicated just to food. Every October 24 is Food Day, a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable and sustainable food. While Food Day strives to inspire us to improve our diets and our food policies, the 2014 Food Day places a special emphasis on food access and food justice.

We need the momentum and awareness that Food Day brings because many American families live in food deserts, where families are overwhelmed by barriers and often lack access to fresh and healthy food. In food deserts, communities are inundated with fast food chains and corner stores. If fruit and vegetables are even available, they likely come in a can. Sugar, salt and artificial additives monopolize long ingredient labels. It’s hard to cook healthy meals when fresh produce, lean meats and whole grains are not sold locally.

How does this translate for babies?

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