Information for Employees

Information and resources to assist employees who nurse - or want to begin nursing - at the workplace.

Breastfeeding Mothers who Travel for Work

Continuing to breastfeed when you return to the workplace strengthens the important bond between you and your baby, and it also has important health benefits for both of you. After a while, expressing milk becomes nearly second nature. But if you travel on business... read more

A Note to Women Field Workers and Route Drivers

Sadly, little has been done so far for women who do not work near offices but drive around all day, women who work for utility companies (for example, Con Edison, Verizon), delivery services (like UPS), cable companies, and similar occupations.  Some companies have... read more

Non-Traditional Employment

EXAMPLES OF CREATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR PUMPING STATION LOCATIONS Closets or storage space can be converted to pumping stations. Private and secure conference rooms or empty offices can be rotated as needed. In many cities, field inspectors and other patrolling workers use... read more

Finding out Your Employer’s Lactation Policy

If your employer doesn’t have a publicly announced lactation policy, or if you have problems with or questions about the announced policy, you should raise the issue early in your pregnancy. You don’t even have to wait until you are pregnant. Providing... read more

Preparing to Return to Work While Nursing

Pregnancy is the best time to prepare for breastfeeding and returning to work. Attend prenatal classes available at your hospital, workplace, WIC clinic, or private physician clinic Attend La Leche League meetings to learn more about how to combine breastfeeding and... read more

Finding Support with other Breastfeeding Mothers

Seek out other breastfeeding mothers at work and share experiences and tips through e-mail or even a monthly lunchtime mothers’ support meeting. If there are no other breastfeeding women at work, ask your local hospital for information about local mothers’ groups.... read more

A Few Suggestions for Dealing with Co-Workers

Seek to understand coworker concerns and work together to find solutions. Let coworkers know that breastfeeding is not only the healthiest choice for you and your baby, it also helps lower the company’s health care costs. If other workers do not understand the... read more

Helpful Tips for Approaching Your Supervisor

What You Should Expect from Your Supervisor You should expect: Clear information on your employer’s lactation policy and support services Flexible breaks allowing you to express milk on your natural schedule during working hours (you generally have to make up the lost... read more

10 Ways Dads Can Help Ensure Breastfeeding Success

The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding (January 2011) noted that family members were important people in a new mother’s life. Dads needed to have the opportunity to learn just as much about breastfeeding as the new mom … and... read more