Sadly, little has been done so far for women who do not work near offices but drive around all day, women who work for utility companies (for example, Con Edison, Verizon), delivery services (like UPS), cable companies, and similar occupations. Some companies have set up lactation rooms in their garages, but these may be located far from where the workers find themselves when they need to pump. Transit workers can request lactation facilities near the end or beginning of their routes, but that leads to the same problem. Many of these workers have no access to rest rooms, either.

Worksites for Wellness has been working on this issue, and believes the solution is community lactation rooms: ones located in businesses, community organizations and perhaps well-baby clinics catering to maternal-child programs, and that are open to anyone who needs a clean, private and sanitary place to pump breast milk that is close to where they find themselves during their work day. WfW foresees – we hope in the not too distant future – a network of such facilities serving nursing women throughout the 5 boroughs. We know of only two in the whole of New York City, one in Northern Manhattan and one in Central Brooklyn.

If you want you can use the lactation lounge at Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership it is located at 127 West 127th St., 3rd floor, Mondays-Fridays 9:00-5:00pm by calling and registering with a minimum of fuss: (212) 665-2600. For the lactation lounge in the district office of City Council Member Rob Cornegy, Jr. at 1360 Fulton Street 5th Floor, Brooklyn call 718-919-0740. Both rooms are available Mondays – Fridays 9:00pm-5:00pm. (See also Resources for Mothers on this website.)

If you know of a good location in your community where such a lounge could be established, we can help you and the community organization that would host it to find, equip and publicize it in the community. For more information, email

Worksites for Wellness, Inc. can even supply multi-user hospital grade pumps for the location at or near cost for non-profit and governmental sites. This is a huge resource for he community we encourage you to contact us so that we can help you establish it.