Information for Employers

Information and resources to assist employers in providing support for their nursing employees.

The Importance of “Expressing” Milk

It is well-established that breastfeeding is important to the health of babies and their mothers. When a woman returns from maternity leave she faces a choice between weaning her baby from breast milk to formula or finding a way to continue breastfeeding. To keep her... read more

Information About Lactation Rooms

What is a Lactation Room? A lactation room is a private space to accommodate nursing mothers who need to pump milk during their work day.  Photos of some lactation rooms are shown below.  Click on any photo to see an enlarged version and more photos. A lactation room... read more

Lactation Programs are Easy to Create

Companies, large or small, benefit from lactation programs.  They are easy to create and also inexpensive. The essential elements of such a program are simple: PRIVACY For women who don’t have their own private offices a small Lactation Room can be set up.... read more

Economic Benefits of Breastfeeding

Although the health benefits of breastfeeding are well-established, few budget analysts consider breastfeeding as a health cost-savings strategy. As policymakers look for additional ways to reduce health costs, they may want to consider the economic benefits of... read more

Importance of Lactation Rooms

By doing the right things and with very little investment, employers can help women returning from maternity leave who don’t want to choose between weaning their babies and quitting their jobs. And the good news is breastfeeding saves money. Companies that... read more